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zhao yanbin

let me tell you a secret | 너에게 비밀을 말해줄게 | 让我告诉你一个秘密, 16mm to digital, 4:31, 2022

An intimate portrayal of love that penetrates through the wounds of language. Chinese and Korean written down on mirrors, broken apart and reattached together. In the spinning and oscillating, words collapse into sculptures, meanings transcended by whispers, like a spell casted through the gesture of telling a secret.

screening: 37th Image Forum Festival, Tokyo, Japan, September 2023

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Los Angeles, US, May 2023

The Haircut, A Multimedia Series at Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles, US, January 2023

Film Poems: Amplifying Mysteries, WHAMMY! ANALOG, Los Angeles, US, June 2023

Beijing International Short Film Festival, Beijing, China, December 2023

Thomas Edison Film Festival, Hoboken, New Jersey, US, 2024

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